Real Life Woman – Lyrics

Real Life Woman

Written by: Lisa Mann

She got a baby on her hipbone

And a crushed out cigarette
Food stamps ready for the grocer at the checkout line

She got the stone-cold stinkeye
From a mama in the other line
Who whispered to her sister, “Why can’t she just get a man?”

Now don’t you tell her how it should be
‘Til you seen the things that she’s seen
No she ain’t nothin’ to you but she’s a REAL LIFE WOMAN to me

She been dancin’ at the juice bar
Keep her money in a cookie jar
With the government bond she’s savin for a rainy day

She kept the cubic zirconium
Though that man is long gone
just so she couldn’t say he never gave her anything

Now don’t you tell her what she should do
Til you danced a mile in her shoes
No she ain’t nothing to you, but she’s a REAL LIFE WOMAN to me.

Now she’s a shift away from Hades and a scratch away from paradise

And it ain’t nobody’s business if she ain’t nobody’s missus
It’s a real hard living so she’s got to give her everything
And I know she will

“Real Life Woman” from Lisa Mann’s self-titled disc